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About Gyrex  

Gyrex Corporation was founded in 1971 to manufacture innovative process equipment for the world-wide printed circuits fabrication industry. Since that time, Gyrex has become a worldwide leader in the area of coating and hot air leveling. As Kleenex is to tissue and Clorox is to bleach; Gyrex is to hot air leveling, roller coating, and spray coating.

Gyrex was the first company to commercialize the vertical hot air leveling process. Gyrex received the first patent for horizontal hot air leveling. For over twenty years, Gyrex has been the leader of roller coating in the electronic industry. Gyrex is also recognized as the leader in high volume, low pressure spray coating technology for the P.C.B. fabrication industry.

Gyrex was the first to offer a flux applicator specifically designed for SMD technology and more recently, the first to offer High Volume Low Pressure Spray Coating (Gyrex Model 2000 HVL.P Spray System).

In late 1999 Gyrex introduced the Model 2500 High Volume Low Pressure Spray System. This system has a very small footprint and is designed for rapid changeover, it features PLC controls and the unique closed loop heated ink process for maximum ink stability. In addition Gyrex developed the Model 8000 series of Infrared Tack Driers offering both infrared drying, plus hot air to assist in uniform drying of the most difficult of heavy copper panels.

Gyrex continues as an innovative leader in hot air leveling with the model 2010 vertical hot air leveling system. This is the first hot air leveler to incorporate a dual independent air distribution system for improved controls and more importantly, repeatability panel to panel. This model has user friendly PLC controls, 5 degree air knives for SMT coating, and isolation of the process area for a cleaner operation.

Talus Industries, acquired by Gyrex in 1987, is a leading manufacturer of etching, stripping, and developing equipment. Additionally, Talus Industries has special experience in the demanding area of chemical cleaning. Another area of expertise is in vertical rotary and batch etching for fine lines. Currently, special attention is being given to chemical cleaning and flux removal post cleaning in an effort to increase productivity and product quality.